Tadelakt – Natural Moroccan Polished Plaster

Tadelakt is a lime-based polished waterproof plastering technique originating from Morocco.Once used in the public bathing houses of Marrakech, the tradition has now been revived across Europe and the USA and is used in private bathrooms and kitchens. Tadelakt can be used on sinks, showers, bathtubs, floors and walls due to it’s waterproof nature and(…)

Completed job that benefitted from the solid wall insulation grant with client feedback

This room was exposed to the elements on 2 sides with solid wall construction and a flat roof. Given the lack of space we removed some tired built in wardrobes and old boxed in pipe work and insulated the room with a bespoke hybrid of insulation products. On one wall we used the Knauf ecobatt(…)

Clay Plaster: The benefits

Clay Plaster: The benefits

Clay Plaster is an exciting natural product that has many environmental and health benefits, not to mention its aesthetic beauty. Many of us are starting to see the benefits of eco friendly paints but we can go deeper than that, literally, to the Plaster. As well as being 100% recyclable, bio-degradable and reusable Clay is(…)