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A loft or garage conversion will increase your living space giving you the extra rooms for a growing family, storage, office or guest room. We will work hard on the concept prior to the work on your property to maximise the available and achievable space. This also gives you options on the design and finish available taking your visions forward and imputing ideas if required. We will be as up front as possible when estimating for work to give you a comprehensive overview of the work involved.

Dorma window.
Maximising the available space
Stairs to new loft conversion.
The way we use our homes has evolved since many of them were built. There are many ways in which we can alter our living space to suit modern lifestyles. Creating sociable, entertaining and relaxing environments that separate us from the stresses of daily life can improve your quality of life. By realising the full potential of your property in reshaping your home and creating usable space, you can fully enjoy your home whilst adding value to your property.
Insulation is great way to cut down on your energy bills and reduce the impact that running your home has on the environment. There are many ways you can insulate so if you’re not sure we can look at areas such as under cold floors, attic rooms or old loft conversions that could be updated to be of a higher energy efficient standard.

Insulation - Loft Conversion
Loft insulation.
Installing sound and fire insulation.

Solid Wall Insulation
The majority of household energy loss is through walls. Internal and external wall insulation can reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel bills. Internal wall insulation can be installed with minimum fuss to an occupied property or as part of a larger renovation project.

Grant available

We currently have access to grant funding towards the cost of solid wall insulation, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Coming soon…..
External wall insulation comes in an ever expanding range of colours that require no painting and are very durable. Please ask for more details.

Conventional plaster can be applied to most surfaces including brick and existing plaster. We will deliver a quality finish every time, cleaning as we go leaving you a beautiful surface ready to decorate. We only use quality products that match our high standards. With a keen eye for detail we will give you impeccable results that you can be proud of.

Large scale plastering with feature ceiling.
Maintaining the property's features.
Creating clean lines.
Clay Plaster can compliment a healthy living environment and be a unique design feature. Natural in its beauty it regulates humidity, temperature and absorbs toxins and neutralizes odours. Clay Plaster comes in a range of colours with no need to paint once applied. It is a sustainable alternative to conventional plasters and better for the environment without the use of chemicals. We use products from Clayworks.

A unique finish to a beautiful space (Image by Clayworks).
Clay Plastering - A unique feature  (Image from Clayworks)


Tadelakt is a lime based, waterproof polished plastering technique originating from Morocco.Tadelakt can be used on sinks, showers, walls and floors as it is completely waterproof. An excellent alternative to tiles and grout with a beautiful range of colours and styles. See here for more info from our supplier’s website http://www.mikewye.co.uk/venetian.marmorino.tadelakt.htm#Tadelakt

Tadelakt Shower - Gravity Builder Brighton
Waterproof Plaster - Alternative to Tiles