Sustainability the real costs

Mention sustainable building and people often think that it’s going to cost them more than regular building, but this is not always the case. For Gravity the main areas of sustainability are to help reduce energy consumption in the home which saves money on bills, use locally sourced materials when possible, re-use, recycle and use materials which are more beneficial for your health and the environment.

The term ‘payback’ is one which will become more familiar as the government rolls out the Green Deal scheme in 2013. This refers to the amount of money you save on your bills because of the measures you have taken to reduce energy consumption. You can then look at the amount you paid for these measures and, with predicted energy saving, see how long it would take for the saving to ‘payback’. There are many ways in which we can look at making our homes more energy efficient. In terms of payback new windows and solar/PV have very long term returns where as simple measures like sealing round skirting boards offer great value. Insulation offers fantastic payback and everyone knows the benefits of insulating the loft but wall insulation is as effective.

As a business Gravity looks to re-use building materials and recycle as much as possible to reduce waste and landfill, which can save money. Natural materials have both environmental and health benefits but can be more expensive than conventional materials. However in some cases they do have hidden savings such as Clay Plaster which can eliminate the need for power consuming dehumidifiers and ventilators.

Having an eco-conscious builder means you are benefitting from getting the best advice on products and practices that will have long term benefits for your property. This can be done whilst looking to upgrade insulation, doing a complete renovation or carrying out nominal maintenance work.

Whatever your agenda, be it environmental consciousness, personal health or saving money on bills, the approach to property repairs, refurbishment and upgrades is changing. We like to approach every potential job with an open mind and offer bespoke solutions depending on your property and requirements.