Clay Plaster: The benefits

Clay Plaster is an exciting natural product that has many environmental and health benefits, not to mention its aesthetic beauty. Many of us are starting to see the benefits of eco friendly paints but we can go deeper than that, literally, to the Plaster. As well as being 100% recyclable, bio-degradable and reusable Clay is Porous, this means it can regulate humidity by holding moisture and heat and releasing it naturally as the environment of the room requires it. By keeping relative humidity down, air bourn infections, bacteria and viruses have less chance to survive in the home. On top of these environmental benefits Clay Plaster can eliminate the use of energy consuming ventilation units such as fans and dehumidifiers.

The health and environmental benefits speak for themselves but we cannot forget its aesthetic appeal. Coming in a range of pigmented colours that require no painting clay plaster offers you a unique feature in your home which is something to be proud of. See for yourself below (images supplied by clayworks).